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Quote and Credit


First African-American Armed Cross Dressers with a Guitar Pose for the Camera collection Jim Linderman

First African-American Armed Cross Dressers Pose for the Camera?
Even though I suspect the gun, holster and guitar are studio props, you have to GIVE props to this African-American couple who had the nerve to exchange clothes for the photo.  It is a man and a woman, as the gentleman in drag has an Adam's apple.  The RPPC dates from 1910 to 1930.  If they are not using props, this could have been quite a team, musical or criminal.  A rare, tough image with lots of cultural resonance today.  The first cross dressing African-American photograph, even if done for the photographer only?

Real Photo Postcard with Azo Back circa 1910 - 1930  Unknown location and photographer.  Note on reverse 
Collection Jim Linderman

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