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Quote and Credit


Sunbonnet Sue Sews AND Sings! Folk Art Sunbonnet Sue and the Doughboys.

The history of Sunbonnet Sue begins, I believe, with Illustrator Kate Greenaway, but as she was a Brit,  I prefer to give credit to homegrown Bertha Corbett Melcher, who not only created the Sunbonnet BABIES but also came from the great American West.  Here is a panel drawn by Ms. Melcher depicting the young sunbonnets swiping a baby! 
However, left out of most Sunbonnet Sue stories is my favorite version of the tale, by the Fort Worth Doughboys, who at the time I believe had the magnificent Bob Wills in the group.  That would be Mr. Wills in an unusual photograph in which he appears to be standing straight upright and sober! 

The Sunbonnet Sue above is a needle holder, and has the unusual distinction of having several layers of petticoats to hold needles.

Sunbonnet Sue was later a lousy movie, which lost every bit of cowboy fun and when sung by the "Golden Voiced" Phil Regan?  Shudder.  Show tunes.

Play the Doughboy's version again.  I promise you will be singing it all day long.

Sunbonnet Sue Needle Holder Handmade circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman

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