Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


FaceTime Etiquette Secret Codes Handwriting Analysis Typewriter Tracks and Cam Communication in the 21st Century

Since touch pads and keyboards have finally eliminated handwriting, and the long anticipated "face to face" telephone has arrived through camming with surprisingly little fanfare, I thought it time to rerun the "Eye Flirtation" chart here which one should always keep in mind when having some FaceTime.  Let's see…do I have to put a trademark next to FaceTime?  No…but when I type it on my Apple, they automatically add the capitalized T for me.  Strange. 

Anyway, one used to be able to analyze potential dates through their handwritten requests.  I guess delivered by hand through calling cards, butler to butler?  So gentile.  Not anymore.  I write every day, but even signing a check hurts my fingers now.  They are out of shape.  Writing by hand, and the ability to tell if a written by hand letter was composed by a serial killer is now officially over. 

Remember back when criminals were convicted because one of the keys on their typewriter had a distinctive character?  Now, as everything we type is stored forever somewhere, it's been a long time since anyone was called to testify about a little chip out of the comma key on a crook's Underwood.
Anyway, for your delight and despair, if you have been giving out messages you wish to have kept private, here is the official guide to "eye flirtation" I posted long ago.  It is back, but through technology, it is growing more useful every day.

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