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Vintage V African-American Weaves Wigs and Hair from Howard's of Harlem

Some SERIOUS Black wigs from just after World War Two.  And since hair is a serious subject for most African-American women, I am not going to even attempt much an essay here.  I do remember walking through the book fair on 125th street (where these images came from fifty years earlier) and it seemed every publisher, large or small, had a title devoted to women of color and their hair, wigs, weaves, hats and the culture around it.

There is also a serious amount of weaves in here, including  "crispy hair transformations and biscuit side puffs"  along with a considerable group of the necessary tools.  Beautiful essentials for already beautiful women.

My only other observations are the "V" for victory style,  which makes sense after the war,  and that from what I can tell "Howard's of 125th Street" was in business well into the long-overdue "Black is Beautiful" era of the late 1960s and beyond. 

The splendid artist, alas, is unidentified in the catalog, which is a whopping 44 pages. At one time Howard's owned a copyright on the phrase "Re-birth of Charm" though I don't think the women who received this catalog in the mail ever lost theirs.

Rebirth of Charm spring 1946 Catalog  Coiffures Created by Howard's New York City  44 page Pamphlet 5" x 7" Collection Jim Linderman 

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