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Quote and Credit


Mystery Miracle or Magic Snapshot Your Call

Click to enlarge this one folks.  If you think it a preacher who picked a mountainside to pontificate, I'll move this to the old-time-religion blog.  If you think it is a magician with a cheap backdrop in an odd place for a show, I'll leave it here.  (Actually, if you look close, I think our scenic sight evangelist has a tiny picture of a hand-clasped Jesus behind him)

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  1. Definitely not a magician. The men have removed or are removing their hats (almost to a one), and many heads are bowed. Men didn't remove their hats outdoors for a stage show.

    Further, there is a music stand to the left, but no musicians. Possibly a dedicatory song? Everybody looks pretty grim, too. Not the well-to-do lady with the parasol and black crepe.

    The "backdrop" appears to me to be some sort of macabre stone monument which has most likely just been dedicated. The image just gets weirder at high magnification, appearing to be a somewhat larger than life skull. The stone itself has been smoothed and has tool marks indicating that it is not a natural rock. Further, the flag and drape over the stone indicate the unveiling of a carving or memorial to me.

    Something along the lines of Maiden's Cliff.

    At least that's my take on it.

  2. Fantastic...thanks so much for taking the time, it is appreciated. I think I see a poster or painting of Jesus, but the mind looks for the expected. Great work! Jim