Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


J.J. Cromer sends a Bell out of the Sky Art Photography and the Company Picnic

A huge bunch of Bell employees at what I presume is the annual mandatory company picnic.  It wasn't enough that you had to go (and potato sack) you also had to herd together and look up at the camera in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana.   My guess, as the tiny logo at lower right reads "Indianapolis Photo Co" but who knows.  Bell Telephone?  Bell Helicopter?  I believe there was a Bell Helicopter plant in Indianapolis, and that would make sense here, right?  But then lots of these guys are wearing boaters and skimmers.  Anyone who knows for sure is welcome to write in.
I am doing an enlargement of each letter so you can find your relatives!

This splendid proto Spencer Tunick (in clothes) was sent by artist J.J. Cromer.  Cromer is an astounding artist, and it was kind of him to send along a few photos he thought deserved the Dull Tool Dim Bulb treatment.  Thanks J.J.!  Gift accepted!

Cromer is extraordinary..  Just two of his works are shown below. TRULY extraordinary.  I think Chelo Amezcua, Carlo Zinellli, Nellie Mae Rowe and a host of other one-of-a-kind artists, though Cromer clearly lives in a city of his own. Seldom does Horror Vacui look so good.

A Dry and Practical Matter JJ Cromer

The Steering Committee JJ Cromer
J.J. sent a few photographs, which will allow me to link to his site several times.  Not only kind of him, It will encourage folks to check out his work again.  If you like this blog, you will like his art.  There is a remarkable body of work, an impressive exhibition history and a delightful sense of line.  Check him out HERE.

"BELL" undated group photograph Indianapolis Photo Co. Gift of JJ Cromer

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