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Sparks Withington Says Suck on THIS Deluxe Tube Television!

Screw your flat screens, man.  Here is a tube you can enjoy without even turning on what passes for news and entertainment today.  NO wonder they call it part of the designer series.  It has a record changer and a radio as well.  Fake flowers and what seems to be a fake Buddah extra.

It appears Sparton was a Sparks Withingon manufacturer in Jackson, Michigan.  Founded in 1926 as a radio company, they were one of those who spent more on the box than the guts.  Like the reputation Magnavox used to have among audio purists (who, back then, were called "Hi-Fi Guys" and spent their time pouring over Lafayette parts catalogs.  I think Lafayette was absorbed into Radio Shack, who is trying to rebrand as the hip "SHACK" but it won't work.  They'll all close up too.  Who wants to go to "The Shack" when you can sit on your increasingly wide rear and order online?

Anyway, This box rocks.  They produced until around 1956, about when this beauty was made.  It was so good it put them out of business. 

Sparton Three-Way Imperial TV Chassis postcard Collection Jim Linderman.


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