Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Life, Love and Folk Art During Wartime Pistol Packing Mama of Wood collection Jim Linderman

A lonely soldier writes his mother from the front.  As noted on the reverse, "Pistel Packing Mama" was carved by Bill Nicewater from company L.  Now some speculation.  The young soldier writes "Remember Righting me about this Mom?"  I think Mom warned him about those woman available to soldiers.  More information on Pistol Packing Mama and dames with guns is HERE (my article on the origins of the armed pin up.)  Will there ever come a time when boys who aren't even old enough to spell won't have to leave home to kill their brothers?

Note rudimentary bars constructed on the window of home.  This was most likely not to keep out animals...but the enemy.  I hate every single thing about war except the humor young men are able to retain under the most horrible circumstances

World War Two Snapshot of a folk art carving by Bill Nicewater.  Circa 1943.  Collection Jim Linderman.

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  1. The bars are actually just a screen to prevent the enemy from tossing a hand grenade inside the bunker.