Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Do Men Choose Mary or Alice? Use the Bonomo Ritual and Find Out

The answer, of course, is both. As often as possible. But let's say you want to grow bigger bonomos AND develop raccoon eyes.

Strongman Joe Bonomo put most of his effort into growing the bust lines of MEN.

Having been quite the gym rat in my 30s and 40s, I can assure you THIS method works. Strain your muscles to failure with repeated repetition until the muscle part you are working on is exhausted. Legs, arms, chest...doesn't matter, works for them all. Increase the weight a little bit every week. They'll grow back bigger and stronger. Supplement the program with additional lean protein (a few cans of tuna a day is enough, or drink no-sugar powdered protein in skim milk) and in a few months you'll have a chest like Joe did. On your "rest" days, go for a run. If you are out of town, do push-ups in your hotel room instead. It really is that simple, and you don't need a book for it. End of story. I am usually a bit tongue in cheek, but here? Nope.

My contribution to the billion dollar weight and fitness industry, and it took one paragraph. Not only that, I'm giving it away!

As for the female of the species? Well, the specific female chest parts Joe wants to pump up don't have too much muscle, so the tear and repair method doesn't work.

Send in Joe's coupon and you'll receive ten pages of exercise, some good advice actually...and two more pages which will turn you into an Alice when you've been suffering as a Mary.

Here it is. You don't have to "click to enlarge" (or use the Bonomo ritual) because I will tell you.


See? Bras.

Later Joe got into Dope.

One person who combines all the best qualities of both Mary AND Alice is Miram Linna, who has written the best article about Joe you will ever find. HERE

Miriam is force...at NORTON RECORDS which is celebrating their 25th Anniversary AS I TYPE! If you do not know Norton, you must be snortin' and Joe warned you about that above.

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  1. Weirdly, my friend Joe Bonomo is at the Norton Records show as I type this

  2. I think of "your" Joe Bonomo as the REAL Joe Bonomo...and he is a hell of a guy, a wonderful supporter and an even better writer.

  3. Oh, and Thanks Alex! I'd be there too if I could.