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Quote and Credit


Cynthia Lugo and THE CYNEPHILE Art and Film Make Friends (Essential)

Since I can no longer go see films in the Cable Building (New Yorkers will know it as the converted storage space for cable cars with real popcorn) I spend no time with moving pictures.

Fortunately I know a brilliant writer and curator who does and I would like to share her work.
Cynthia Lugo is a genius. I could say a "shy" genius, but she certainly holds her own place with the written word...and the word is The Cynephile, the most interesting and thoughtful blog about the relationship between Film and Art you will find. In fact, Ms. Lugo describes her site as a place where "film and art make out"

I recently sent Cynthia an interesting little find and was rewarded with a hefty hunk of skillful, comprehensive and colorful observations. Pictures too! If you follow film, and I mean the ART of Fine Film, Cynthia Lugo's blog CYNEPHILE is not only recommended, it should be added to your sidebars.

Now I could choose any of the MANY essays Cynthia has produced, but why not let my followers hear one of my favorite songs at the same time? It may not be a typical post, but you'll thank me for the song (as I thanked her 6 months ago) and you'll love Cynthia Lugo for the rich, full history she is producing on a regular basis on The Cynephille. Take a visit and see if you do not agree.

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