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Ricky Jay Celebrations of Curious Characters a Review of sorts...and Pizza

As I have been a big fan of Ricky Jay since watching him throw a playing card through a watermelon upstairs in a small theater off Times Square, it would be unfair for me to review his new book Celebrations of Curious Characters. Suffice to say it is a deal at any price (though it costs far less than any price) and it is the genuine deal, not some slight of hand. I'm not going to say he has the power to save the book from extinction, but your Kindle And Nook don't have you looking for the mailman until it comes either.

Anticipation beats a wireless download any day.
Consider waiting for a pizza to be delivered. While eating pizza is wonderful too, the 20 minute wait is usually splendid. Some chat, a few jokes, maybe if you are in college furtive tokes with a wet towel under the door...and it arrives!

That is not an opinion, it is a fact. You will look far to find anyone who says they do not like pizza.

The origins of Celebrations of Curious Characters are to be found in a series of brief profiles Mr. Jay did for public radio. That implies erudite already...so bring your brains and expect the prodigious. When you have read it (and you WILL begin reading it immediately after tearing the cardboard strip off your Amazon box) you will have a beautiful spine facing you from the bookshelf rather than some digital bits which do not exist. As such, do not "Tell the publisher I'd like to read this book on Kindle" as you don't.

HERE is Mr. Jay's Wonderful Website. McSweeny published the new book.

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  1. You are SO right about anticipation. I could hardly wait to get the book Hubert's Freaks, and now maybe I'll need to order this book so I can learn more about the trained fleas at Hubert's Museum! I vow never to get an E reader; I have zero interest in one. And now you've made me want to order a pizza.