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Quote and Credit


Joey Lin and his Anonymous Works A New Stop and Shop!

Joey Lin and I have been swapping pictures of finds for a few years...but he also shares them with a wider audience through his blog Anonymous Works. Mr. Lin has a skill for finding authenticity, an increasingly scarce and valuable trait. Now Joey has gone commercial! He has created a website to sell the objects which attract his authentic eye. I have relied on his recommendations, now so can you.

Above are only a few of the modestly-priced pieces in his cyber-store, and I intend to bookmark and make regular visits. Joey is one of those folks attracted to art of the people. An artist himself, he is drawn towards untrained artists who through skill, talent, luck or happenstance create beauty. He has generously shared with me as a friend from afar, I am excited that others can now take part! He tells me the community of folks interested in his finds is a benefit as important as the objects... who can argue with that? His following online attests.

Take some time to see Mr. Lin's shop HERE. You will see many things asking for a base and a spotlight...but often created in far more humble places.

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