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Quote and Credit


Maud the Mule takes a Ride RPPC The Flying Mule of Knoxville Tennessee Rare First Hand Account!

Maud the Mule was hoisted to the top of the Burwell Building in Knoxville Tennessee in 1908. Popular Mechanics magazine of June that year heralded the event with another picture saying "When Maud started skyward 3,000 voices cheered in unison with the blowing of whistles." Maud likely was named after a cartoon Maud the Mule which first appeared in Hearst Newspapers in 1904. As most Maud comics simply ended when she kicked someone high into the air, perhaps this was a way for the construction workers to get even.

I am proud to reveal this rare first hand account of the legendary Mule raising of Knoxville, Tennessee. "This was quite a stunt - and every one and his dog came to see it. This mule has been used around the building for some time and when the iron work (?) for the last story was put up they hoisted the mule up to the platform that you see and she made a speech a la mule. Could she have talked no doubt she would have used some strong language"

Maud the Mule Real Photo Postcard 1908 Collection Jim Linderman

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