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Quote and Credit


Orchestral Maneuvers of the THEY SUCK Kind? Well...Take Off Your Skin and Dance in Your Bones!

I have learned after many years never to say a certain type of music sucks...because I always find myself later studying it and loving it. It happened with jazz...HATED it, then discovered Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. It happened with Country...HATED it, then the appreciation of it literally filled my life. Blues? The same three chords...then I discovered Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters and that deep, rich, well of music which has sustained me for a lifetime. Gospel? Please...now I love it and have barely scratched (pun intended) the surface.

But you know? I don't think I'll EVER get into these guys. Hey, wait a minute! Dan Russo and his Orioles Orchestra recorded a song titled "Taint No Sin (To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones)" Maybe I should just give a listen...

Collection of Gig announcement and Radio show Promotional real photo post cards all circa 1930-1935. Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I have that sheet music in my collection... I'll see if I can scan it, if you're interested.