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Robert Frank, Photographer (But Filmmaker) The Rolling Stones, Exile, Drugs, Law, Art

I'm still not sure the legal status of "Cocksucker Blues", the second of two legendary films master photographer Robert Frank made in 1972. When I lived in New York City, once in a while someone would show a bootleg copy of it at a party, and for fund raisers the Anthology Film Archives would be given permission to run it for a night or two. Boy, was that a heavy audience. Want to feel really, really special? Go see "Cocksucker Blues" and tell all your friends you just saw "Cocksucker Blues." I guess today you could tweet a link to the entire "Cocksucker Blues" to all your friends (I'm straight, but I love typing that film title) Frank did another legendary (and prescient) film way back in 1959, Pull My Daisy, which is just as beautiful and as far as I know the only film written by Jack Kerouac. Oh, these kids today. They think Lady Gaga is SO special. Pffft.

Black and White movies of folks on too many drugs are on my mind as I've been waiting for the remixed release of Exile on Main Street, probably the best (and going out on a limb here, the ONLY) real blues album ever made by white people.

Some fun facts about the disc? Bill Wyman plays on only a few tracks as the level of drug use was so extreme he left in disgust. Mick Taylor, the temporary Rolling Stone slide guitar master you forgot about gives a mighty contribution. And Dr. John, a genuine hero, plays piano on a track or two.

I usually try to avoid the strings of contributed blather on websites, as they alternate between stupid and stupider, and always leave me thinking the human race is in trouble. But listening to tracks from the album on youtube I found a few worthy of printing, and I present them here. Let the great unwashed speak!

"I've probably worn out, smashed, had sex on, melted, lost, scratched, and replaced 100 copies of Exile. Still, I never tire of listening to it."

"This album was the rock & roll bible in Plattsburgh NY in the late 70s. For the juicers, anyway. The douchebags all listened to the Eagles"

"like... you are entering a kingdom"

For the uninitiated, I present here excerpts of a film Robert Frank made of the "anti-Beatles" wandering around the ghetto in search of authenticity they already had by virtue of their copious drug use. It was shot as the Stones were finishing up the album. I'd link to the other films, but I'm still not sure it is legal. This film, quite beautiful, has sound problems. They clear up and return. It just adds to the murky, junk daze. The album is being released on May 18, and yes, there is a vinyl version if you need something to roll joints on.



  1. Oh, Bill. Poor Bill. I caught him last night on the BBC, pint in hand, looking very old and tired (well, it was nearly four in the morning). The first I'd seen him in years, he disappointed by mumbling about his support for the Tories.

    Thus spoke the former (tax) exile.

  2. It's all in writing and presentation. √.

    and most of my contemporaries then in HS were listening to much worse than the Eagles. The chap that authored that comment was being gracious!

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  4. Note Keith's absent in the video. Probably too early in the day.