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Tough Girls in Tights ON WHEELS! Roller Derby

Midge "Toughy" Brasuhn was under 5 feet tall and a firm 135 pounds. Her full name was Margorie Clair Louise Theresa Brasuhn. A member of the Roller Derby Hall of Fame. The first televised Roller Derby was broadcast from the 69th Armory building in NYC in 1946, and Tough Midge captivated them at the bars...few home televisions were in use at the time. Pretty much invented by Leo A. "Bromo" Seltzer, the sport grew out of dance marathons which were popular during the Great Depression. Is it any coincidence the oval track is back? Norma Rossner is less well documented, but I am sure, no less tough. There is a nice 4 minute clip of "Toughy" in glorious black and white YOUTUBE here. I don't know about you, but tough dames in tights fighting on wheels is pretty hard to resist. The announcer agrees... "She is BOILING" and "ROCKING AND SOCKING AT THE ROLLER DERBY" indeed.

Two original Roller Derby Real Photo Post Cards Kodak c. 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

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