Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


The Beatles Rilly Big Shew (Horrors in Wax #9)

Back in 1964, when the Beatles were haircuts, not individuals...their wax effigies were rushed into production "for the kids" at the World's Fair. Close, but not close enough. Ed Sullivan was easier, he'd been around forever. Here the wax sculptor accurately captures Ed's famous flexibility. Ed realized it was important to rope in young viewers so he booked numerous rock performers, but frequently censored them. (The Stones complied, Dylan didn't, he walked) The Doors said they would change some offending lyrics, but Morrison sang them anyway. Ed banned comic Jackie Mason for flipping him the bird. David Crosby, to his credit, engaged in a shouting match with the talentless tyrant. Sullivan also cooperated with the witch-hunting followers of rabid alcoholic Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Beatles appeared on his show three times...but then hilarious Canadian "comedy" act Wayne and Shuster appeared 67 times. The Beatles went on to sell so many records, it took Troyal Garth Brooks years (and a cloned version of himself known as Chris Gaines) to catch up. Strangely, Chris Gaines also had a funny haircut.

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