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Quote and Credit


Incongruity Tintype The Painted Backdrop

Not Harmonious. Lacking Propriety. Incompatible. Incoherent and Illogical. Those are dictionary entries. "That's just wrong" says it these days. Incongruity marks most tintype photographs. ANY photo was still just about fine, since a good part of the country still had very few photo albums indeed. The photographers who were in business collected around crowds for the most part...vacation spots, large cities, and at the end of the train line where folks joined horse transportation to REALLY reach home. 1880 or so, this baby might be incongruously posed against a sunny seashore (or even a raging storm for that matter) but I'm pretty sure it was the first time she had her image documented and given the life-span and lack of antibiotics, it could have even been the last. My book The Painted Backdrop will be published in 2010.

Original tintype with backdrop c. 1880 Collection Jim Linderman

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