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Quote and Credit


Billy Sunday Rips it up HOT in Springfield

Preacher Billy Sunday "ripped it up hot" speaking about vice in Springfield, Illinois in 1909. Sunday (his real name) preached for 1 hour and 35 minutes to a full house. He turned down a $3000 a month professional baseball contract to preach at the Chicago YMCA in 1891. He was against evolution, dancing, liquor, cards, eugenics, government regulation, sexual sin and child labor. He was also very much against the hi-jinks of his three unholy sons and had to pay blackmail more than once to shut up the women they "got straight" with. One other thing Sunday was against was theft...he earned nearly $1000 a day giving sermons at a time when that was roughly equal to a worker's yearly salary. His American Craftsman bungalow was furnished in the Arts and Crafts style, but more telling? It had two safes.

"Coming from a "Billy" Sunday Meeting Springfield, ILL real photo by B.W. Post Peoria, Ill. 1909 Collection Jim Linderman

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