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Quote and Credit

Do You Miss Genuine Kodachrome Yet? Postcard Retail Rack Topper


Do you miss kodachrome?  I do…and I am starting to miss postcards too.  This is a "rack-topper" or the card put in the top slot of a retail, revolving postcard rack.  A good price, but then a tweet is free, or virtually so…but you can't pin a tweet in front of you to admire or use the image for reminder, inspiration or show.

L.L. Cook from Milwaukee was a major player in the field of printed five cent pictures.  The first (and second!) L was for Lloyd.  They printed them until 2007

Genuine Kodachrome Reproductions L. L. Cook Company "Rack Topper" postcard No Date
Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. tweets are far from free - you need a whole lot of hardware and software first. how much for the laptop? $1000? how long's it last? 5 years tops?
    that is $200 a year, or a bit over $15 a month! and that doesn't include your wifi/internet costs...
    i take the postcard!