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Quote and Credit

Etui Etui ??? Homemade Folk Art Needle Case

Etui   ???   Edui is another name for a needle case.  Well, sorta.  So let's just use needle case.  A handmade one, with felt, feedsack printed cotton, some trim...and a nice little tab of paper above from where this little lady once lived in a scrapbook but was torn out.  She has had a few lives.

An odd thing, as printed needle cases and needle books were literally given out free.  
Still, someone took the time to make it, the least I can do is scan it.


Depression Era handmade Needle Case  Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Hi Jim, the trim is ric-rac or rickrack. (Love that word.) I have the "Happy Home" book shown in your linked post. It's one of my favorites. Here's another: