Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Human Fly ! No, not the one by the Cramps Stunt RPPC

A genuine Human Fly! No, not the great Cramps 45 on the Vengeance label which I sold too soon ( "I've got 96 tears and 96 eyes") but the real thing. Not only that, if the date on the reverse is correct, this real-life Spiderman probably picked a very cold day to scale the local bank... "There is no bldg. to high for this Human Fly to creep up"

It is NOT cold here, so I might take a few daze off. Read old posts in the meantime, or browse my brother and sister blogs. (You can also join Dull Tool Dim Bulb, Vintage Sleaze and old time religion on Facebook now if you are so inclined)

Azo Real Photo Postcard 1915 collection Jim Linderman

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