Balloons, Balloons, Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

Yes, someone invented the balloon. A Brazilian named Bartolomeu de Gusmao in 1709. Lest you think he also invented the term "balloon butt" a term frequently used on Brazilian beaches, he was a priest. Some early balloons were made from animal bladders, but I would far rather fill up one made of rubber or latex. Since my intent here is to establish a monopoly on balloon pictures, I should list the following subsets of the genre. Water Balloons (usually dropped on Dad or Sis) Balloon Drops (usually dropped on Republican candidates and their very old caucasian delegates) and Balloon Publicity (usually to attract attention to lemons at used-car lots) One balloon we will probably all need sooner of later is an angioplasty.

Notice how everyone in these pictures is smiling except the one who is filling hers up? It is because balloons are fun...but they are also dangerous. In particular to marine life. But at the rate we're going, that might not be a problem for too much longer, I'm afraid. I hope I didn't harsh your balloon mellow.

Group of Balloon Photographs Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Great blog, Jim. I have joined your small, but I am sure will grow rapidly, following. Best wishes

  2. And of course I was referring to your networked blogs not realising your followers were at the bottom of the page!

  3. The one you forgot is "Get a bunch of drunks to sit on a balloon on a chair" at parties. Or the tamer "get a bunch of sugar stoked kids at a birthday party to sit on said balloon." Torture of the poor balloons is sure to follow.