Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Mrs. Hortense Overholzer's Husband and his Rustic Style

R.W. Overholzer, the most inventive and eccentric rustic furniture maker ever. These days, when one thinks of furniture from Michigan, Herman Miller might come to mind. I don't see many "clean, modern design lines" in this work...I don't see any straight lines at all! Each, um...thing was made from white pine stumps left behind by loggers in the 1920's. The trees have grown back now. To purchase the "exciting, detailed account" of her husband's lifetime work by Hortense Overholzer, visit their website here. Yes, they still receive visitors and host weddings. Baldwin Michigan has only has 1,000 inhabitants or so. I believe the souvenir postcards are in color now. Bring your canoe.

Set of Kodak Real Photos c. 1950. Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Scary? Oh...you must have enlarged the gun room pic.