Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Cowboy and Indian Toys with Eddy Weet and General Electric

A representative sample from 5 different cut-out cardboard toy sets. I found a huge sack. I like to think the little boy grew up happy, healthy and well-adjusted, but he wasn't into them enough to make them all.

Eddy Weet ( from Shredded Wheat?) was one of the the announcers for the Nabisco Radio Theater, a 1952 show which I am sure was great if you would JUST STAY TUNED KIDS, STRAIGHT ARROW HAS A FEW IMPORTANT MESSAGES FOR YOU. The Radio show was produced by Ronald Reagan's brother, who worked at Nabisco's advertising agency and wanted to rope in a few young un's minds along with the cattle.

GE, the brains behind the "General Electric Refrigerator Wild West Rodeo" used to be America's largest corporate polluter, I guess hard times helped them drop to number 5 on the most recent edition of this prestigious list. The other sets here have no identification marks, so are spared my scathing ironical wit.

Assorted Cowboy and Indian cut-out toys, c. 1950-1960 Collection Jim Linderman