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Quote and Credit


Hell's Playground White Cargo and the Socialite who visited Africa Hedy Lamarr Stars in Blackface!

What does this woman have in her hand?  HELL'S PLAYGROUND, her expose of the effect marauding colonialists had on the people of Africa.  Watching the new production of Roots on the box gives me pause…we tortured the ones left over there too, unfortunately.   This is Ida Vera Simonton.  The socialite visited the French colony of Gabon in 1906.  Her "expose" is hardly that, as the entire point of the book was to present the inhabitants as savages, and she tromped through Africa protected by a handful of big white men with big guns. 

It appears her trip was more an excuse to avoid testifying in a murder trial than it was fact-finding.  Her rich family sent her off to try to avoid scandal involving the case of a murdered architect. 

Hell's Playground was published in 1912, and ten years later Broadway producers ripped her off, creating the far better known play White Cargo.  She sued to be compensated.

The later film version starred Hedy Lamar as Tondelayo, a femme-fatale who I guess tempts the fellows…and then murders one or more.  Witchy woman!  They darkened her skin so she could appear African.  The New York Times called her "mahogany" and Hedy became a star!

Watch the trailer.  Then watch the hilarious catchphrase.  What are those natives UP to.
Original Photograph collection Jim Linderman  

Itty-Bitty Tintype Bowser Photograph of a Dog 1/16 Plate

Tintypes were the far cheaper yet far less attractive child of the daguerreotype and the ambrotype.  Still, they brought ownership of a photograph to the masses.  Here a loving friend has documented his dog for the ages.  GOOD BOY!  STAY! Stay...

Original miniature tintype of a dog circa 1870.  1/16th plate.  Collection Jim Linderman
Courtesy Curley's Antiques

ONE DOLLAR DINNER Hand-Painted (twice) Antique Folk Art Sign

Dinner for a Dollar Hand-Painted (twice) Antique Folk Art Sign.  Once to announce a gas station had moved, again to announce dinner was reasonably priced.  Michigan origin.  
Collection Jim Linderman

American Folk Art in Place: IN - SITU The BOOK by Jim Linderman Available NOW!

AMERICAN FOLK ART IN PLACE: IN-SITU by Jim Linderman is NOW availableA large format vintage photography book which reveals hundreds of folk art environments and unique folk art sculptures as installed over the years.  The book documents numerous outsider art installations (many previously unknown) and photographs of known and unknown artists at work.  All photographs will be drawn from the collection of Jim Linderman, whose previous vintage photography books include the ground-breaking Take Me to the Water,  The Birth of Rock and Roll and Arcane Americana.  The book will be the companion to Eccentric Folk Art Drawings of the 19th and 20th Centuries from the Linderman Collection.  Same size, same format and also available as an affordable instant download e-book. American Folk Art In Place: In-Situ is a much expanded and revised edition of the now out of print original book of the same title.  Details and a free preview of the book will follow.  Inquiries to J.Winkel4@gmail.com 

Shown:  Untitled snapshot (Feed the Monkey) unknown location, circa 1950.  Collection Jim Linderman

Vintage Pin Up Girls Drawn by William Fitzgerald 1935 - 1950

Pin-up drawings by William Fitzgerald 1930 - 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Sewer Tile Head from Grand Ledge Clay Product Company of Michigan End of Day Art

Michigan had several clay sewer tile factories, and like the others (particularly in Ohio) their workers would take unused clay at the end of the day and make whimsical pieces of pottery for friends.  This sewer tile head (with a pile of tiles stacked ready for transport in the Real Photo Postcard) is signed on the base Curtis Rugge who was a pretty good sculptor.  See also the essay by Marsha MacDowell and Kurt Dewhurst from 1980 titled The Sewer Tile Clay Pottery of Grand Ledge, Michigan. Interestingly, they point out that Michigan drew employees from Ohio to work for them...a small rivalry, but likely also an exchange of skills and ideas for pieces like this.  

Grand Ledge folk art Sewer Tile Head and Real Photo Postcard collection Jim Linderman

Kissammee Momument of the States 1952 Original Snapshot

The Monument of the States contained a rock from every state in the union (at the time...two of our states with the most rocks were not eligible yet) collected after Pearl Harbor.  The originator of the project was Dr. Charles Bressler-Pettis.  Charles did not go get the rocks.  He wrote all the governors and had them send one down to Florida!  It still stands!  See a contributor revisit his rock below! 

19th Century Folk Art Drawing American Centennial 1876

An extraordinary folk art drawing by Dennison W. Hammond of Sommerville, MA. 1876.  It  was drawn, in ink, on the front endpaper of an autograph / friendship book.  Collection Jim Linderman   Thanks to BOX LOT on Facebook.

Sounds from the Air #3 "The Big Game"

This is the third entry in the Sounds from the Air series. 

Anonymous Snapshot collection Jim Linderman

CAM of the FUTURE 1957

Cam of the Future cover illustration by Van Dongen 1957 Astounding Science Fiction (British Edition)

Antique American Folk Art Carving Sculpture Man in Chair Black Cat Jumps Over the Moon

A superstitious folk art carving. 
Antique American Folk Art Carving Sculpture Man in Chair Black Cat Jumps Over the Moon 
Circa 1900 Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Statue of Liberty Carved Trade Figure Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Statue of Liberty Trade Figure from the turn of the century.  The massive sculpture on Liberty Island in Manhattan was installed in 1886. Soon after this 34 inch folk art carving was created.  Note construction on the base...several blocks of wood were combined to form a block, and shrinkage of the center piece has been filled at some time with putty or plaster.  Found in Pennsylvania.

A tip of the torch to Curley's Antiques who helped in obtaining this work.  

Statue of Liberty Folk Art Sculpture Collection Jim Linderman

Pen-Pricked Politician Did an Edison Electric Pen and Duplicator create this Hand?

Pen-pricked tracings have been used by quilters and embroidery creators for decades, though the art has pretty much died out.  It allows designs to be copied.  Above, a parlor game with someone using what could have been THE EDISON ELECTRIC PEN AND DUPLICATING MACHINE creates "Hand of prominent politician" which was apparently rubbed with orange chalk to create a stencil.

See the links HERE and HERE for more information

One from a set of seven original pieces  Collection Jim Linderman.  See also ECCENTRIC FOLK ART DRAWINGS OF THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURIES. Available in paperback and affordable ebook HERE.

Racist Envelopes Mailed to Florida 1949

The artist from Michigan had a demented view of Florida, but he shared them in a trio of letters to a pair of snowbirds wintering down south.
Trio of racist hand drawn postal envelopes sent from Michigan to Florida 1949 
Collection Jim Linderman

Naomi in a Demure Mood

Naomi in a Demure Mood Circa 1935  Collection Jim Linderman

Champion Whittler C. A. Hughes Wooden Figure and Uncle Sam Folk Art Arkansas 1927

Champion Whittler C. A. Huges Wooden Figure and Uncle Sam Folk Art 
Original press photograph edited by hand before publication 1927 Arkansas
Collection Jim Linderman

How to Milk a Cow Handmade Folk Art Mechanical Postcard Wisconsin 1907

How to Milk a Cow?  Pull on the Udders.
Handmade Folk Art Mechanical Postcard Wisconsin 1907 
Courtesy Shannon Regan

Antique Pipe Cleaner Cowboy, His Trusted Steed and a Large Cardboard Six Shooter Folk Art Sculpture

Antique Pipe Cleaner Cowboy, His Trusted Steed and a Large Cardboard Six Shooter Handmade Folk Art Toys circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

What Does a Window Screen Have to do with Climate Change ? Duh.

First of all, you ignorant Republican climate change deniers should think a bit about tropical diseases.  Decades ago, environmentalists were reporting increasing spread of tropical disease north of the equator would be one of the early serious tip-offs of ocean warming.  Since you haven't had enough flash floods and deluge rain spots yet, consider the Zika, which spreads anywhere it is warm and there are mosquitoes.  I guess you have all been too busy limiting women's reproductive rights to notice.  There is NO IQ test for an elected official, and the dumbest I know ride elephants and force their stupidity agenda on everyone else.

Second, while I am in a good mood…Stop it with the "vaccination could be bad for you" shit.  That's right.  The notion is shit.  How about doing some research before letting the kids here who didn't get vaccinated spread disease to other kids, okay?  Ever hear of "Herd Effect?"  It means the more who are vaccinated, the better off even the non-vaccinated are.  Get the shots, clowns.

Flu Shot?  Duh.  No, it doesn't "make you feel like you have the flu."  It keeps you and your loved ones from getting the flu.  Again?  Get your ignorant nose and ears off the Rush Limbaugh show and take advantage of whatever scientists, REAL scientists, suggest.  Respiratory disease caused by the flu is capable of killing you and everyone you touch.  Now magnify that by 100 and you have the start of an epidemic.  I'm not kidding.  Remember the "Great" Flu Pandemic of 1918?  It wasn't so great.  As in it killed nearly 5% of the world's population...and 600,000 Americans, which seems to be the only people you care about.  Furthermore, because big agriculture puts antibiotics in our food, the tools we have for curing the flu are reducing every day. 

By the way, there IS no "clean coal" and the reason the EPA is closing some power plants around you isn't a Government take-over either…it's as much to keep your kids from getting asthma and poisoned as it is reducing our gigantic footprint.

Now…what does a screen have to do with Climate Change?  If you don't have them, and don't empty the water from the tires abandoned in your backyard…you might find out.

Burrowes Rustless Copbronze Salesman Sample Screen Netting pack Circa 1910 Collection Jim Linderman.  The screens were 93% bronze.  I guess that is a good thing.

Antique Evil Clown Folk Art Carving Sculpture 19th Century

I attribute the concept of "evil clown" to John Wayne Gacy, but Wikipedia calls him "killer clown."  Same difference.  Gacy's character's name was "Pogo the Clown." The fear of clowns is known as Coulrophobia.  Detroit has the lesser evil "Insane Clown Posse" who have gone platinum somehow, but my favorite is Doink the clown.  Doink was one of those fake wrestlers on TV.  I think he had just about the same audience as the Clown Posse.  Have you forgotten Doink? 

Early Folk Art Carved Clown Head turn of the century.  Collection Jim Linderman.