Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Art Lessons 1917

A group of primitive still life art lessons  1917

Antique Folk Art Sculpture of a Running Man Articulated Carving

Man in a hurry.  Interestingly, his arms move but his legs do not.  He's suspended and stuck!  Folk art carvings are usually frontal and frozen, but this fellow is late for the train.

Anonymous folk art sculpture collection Jim Linderman

Rubber Pin ups for your Drink Glass Complete Set Miss Pin-Up

Rubber Pinups for your Drink Glass.  Miss Pin Up must not have been successful, as I find nothing about her (them) on the web.  They wiggle like bait!  
Miss Pin-Up erotic novelty drink hooks Modern Sales Co.  Collection Jim Linderman

Three Woman Visit Uncle Sam Folk Art Malbox

Three women check the mail.  Three Uncle Sam mailbox snapshots.  Anonyous, no date (1935?)  
Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Drawing of Horses collection Jim Linderman

Detail from a large folk art drawing of horses at a trough.  
19th Century likely, Anonymous.  Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Patriotic Folk Art Sculpture Red White and Blue Monsters

Antique Patriotic Folk Art Sculpture  Red White and Blue Monsters all by the same hand.  Circa 1930?  Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art A Calligraphy Pen becomes an Extension of an Arm

A Calligraphy Pen becomes an extension of an arm in this early and primitive exercise.  I am sure sometimes it felt like that.  Today, I can't even use a pen too long without my hand betting sore.

Calligraphy penmanship exercise. "Cigars"  Collection Jim Linderman 

A Pair of Zebras at the Circus Original Frank A. Fernekes photograph circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

 A pair of zebras.  On reverse Photograph by Frank A. Fernekes, Hollywood California.  "Backstage" at a circus with a line of performers waiting their turn.   Frank Fernekes (1872-1953) was a commercial photographer with an interest in circus and Wild West themes; he was born and resided in New York until sometime before 1927, then moved permanently to Hollywood, California and was active through the 1940s.  More information about the photographer is HERE at Duke University Libraries special collection.

Circus Photograph by Frank A. Fernekes Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Tractor and Thresher Handmade circa 1910 Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Tractor and Thresher Handmade circa 1910.  Wood, Cast lead, Original Paint. 
Length 14"  Collection Jim Linderman

Tricks and Traps of New York City 1857 1858 by Brainard Illustrations by Holcomb and Davis Rare Book Scams and Bye-Hours

Some of the illustrations from the rare book Tricks and Traps of New York City published in 1858 by Dinsmore and Company.  The 62 page booklet was written by C. H. Brainard and illustrated by Holcomb and Davis, who also did the drawings for The Drawing Room Dances, and/or one Hoppin who I know nothing about.  Big cities were at the time dirty, unsafe places.  Some still are.   Additional books in the series were to be published including Tricks and Traps of Seducers (Both Sexes) and Tricks and Traps of Politicians (Both Parties) which indicates the publisher was one of the first somewhat  exploitive printers of books.  Who could avoid the titillation of a book, presumably illustrated, showing seducers in action? 

The book was sold for ten cents.  I have located two copies held in special collection libraries, but absolutely no copies for sale.  A copy of the book is available in the Internet Archive HERE but they have left out the illustrations.

I am too smart to fall for any of these ruses, so I guess I am accepting offers for the book.  You will still see tourists falling for the tricks discussed within on the streets of Manhattan.

Be aware of "Bad Hours, Bye Streets and Bad Liquors...you should be all right. 

Tricks and Traps of New York City booklet collection Jim Linderman

Greil Marcus on Jim Linderman The Birth of Rock and Roll Dust to Digital 2015

I am honored more than I can describe by the review Greil Marcus provides on his Real Life Top Ten  column HERE on B&N.  

Miniature Folk Art Coffin Sarcophagus collection Jim Linderman

A miniature Folk Art Coffin or Sarcophagus said to have been made by a sailor who worked with the earliest British examinations of mummies.  The first modern day investigations began in 1901, which is probably where the date for this small folk art sculpture should be set.  Original paint.  Notice amateur "hieroglyphic writing" around paper figure on the left.  The paper remnants are original, and I think the mummy is as well.  I haven't unwrapped him, but something is in there.  

19th century handmade coffin with mummy collection Jim Linderman

Rural Life and Humor circa 1910 Anonymous Folk Art Naive Drawings collection Jim Linderman

A group of drawings by an anonymous artist circa 1910 depicts rural humor from the agrarian United States.  Note Two-Headed calf, racist depictions, a tornado and animal life.

Anonymous Folk Art Drawings circa 1910 Collection Jim Linderman

Policeman Orders to STOP HERE FOR HOT NUTS Folk Art Standing Figure

Stop here for Hot Nuts  Real Photo Postcard circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Album of Fine and Unusual Folk Art Calligraphy by Children c. 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

Taking the doodle and curlique to the standard of calligraphy are these selected pages from an album of children's school drawings done during World War Two.  It is Spring.  Collection Jim Linderman.

Ephemeral Folk Art Sculpture of Sand and the Baby Parade of Ocean City New Jersey Original 1932 Snapshots Collection Jim Linderman

Ephemeral Folk Art Sculpture of Sand and the Baby Parade of Atlantic City New Jersey.  Two snapshots dated on the reverse 1932 taken during the annual Baby Parade.  The sculptures are made of sand.  Sand sculpture has a long tradition on the Jersey Shore, but these certainly transcend the genre.  Not seen, off to the side, would have been the artist (or artists) and their tip bucket. 

The Baby Parade was a Ocean City tradition which started in 1901.  It was just that...babies in stollers.  By the 1950s the event had grown to participants and viewers in the thousands. 

Note sign on second photo?  The Baby Parade is advertised, but the sand sculptures here could have been done in Atlantic City, but  the current Ocean City website shows a sand sculpture on their home page.  Ocean City and Atlantic city share the ocean and are only a miles from each other.

Anonymous snapshots 1932 Collection Jim Linderman