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Quote and Credit


Tricks and Traps of New York City 1857 1858 by Brainard Illustrations by Holcomb and Davis Rare Book Scams and Bye-Hours

Some of the illustrations from the rare book Tricks and Traps of New York City published in 1858 by Dinsmore and Company.  The 62 page booklet was written by C. H. Brainard and illustrated by Holcomb and Davis, who also did the drawings for The Drawing Room Dances, and/or one Hoppin who I know nothing about.  Big cities were at the time dirty, unsafe places.  Some still are.   Additional books in the series were to be published including Tricks and Traps of Seducers (Both Sexes) and Tricks and Traps of Politicians (Both Parties) which indicates the publisher was one of the first somewhat  exploitive printers of books.  Who could avoid the titillation of a book, presumably illustrated, showing seducers in action? 

The book was sold for ten cents.  I have located two copies held in special collection libraries, but absolutely no copies for sale.  A copy of the book is available in the Internet Archive HERE but they have left out the illustrations.

I am too smart to fall for any of these ruses, so I guess I am accepting offers for the book.  You will still see tourists falling for the tricks discussed within on the streets of Manhattan.

Be aware of "Bad Hours, Bye Streets and Bad Liquors...you should be all right. 

Tricks and Traps of New York City booklet collection Jim Linderman

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