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Quote and Credit


Moses Ogden New York Folk Art Sculpture Outsider Art Real Photo Postcard dated 1916

A truly extraordinary Real Photo Post Card of the Moses Ogden folk art environment dated 1916. Turned up by Natalie Curley. I was hoping the indistinct writing would reveal a first person impression of his folk art environment but all I can make out is “given to (???) 1916” written along one border, and the equally indistinct caption on the photo. It seems to identify the place as “Ogden’s Curios.” The place was in Angelica, New York. I am not sure if this view has been published before. Great find! I believe the first national publication to reveal Ogden’s sculptures was, of all places, Popular Science September in 1917. Numerous books have shown examples of Ogden’s work and scholar Tom Patterson tells his story in Raw Vision magazine Spring 2023 Real Photo Postcard collection Dull Tool Dim Bulb

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