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Quote and Credit


Postage Stamp Ruse of 1935. Swapped Heads fool Uncle Sam

I discovered a fellow tricking Uncle Sam way back in 1935.  See anything wrong with the two examples of stamps on top here?  The 1 cent  stamp is supposed to depict Franklin, yet Lincoln fills the center!  The 2 cent stamp is supposed to depict Washington, but this one has Nathan Hale.  In the second example, Franklin has been replaced with Washington!  What the?  Both envelopes have been mailed and the rogue stamps cancelled.  The four relevant and proper stamps follow below.  Pretty good, eh?  Actually, one Charles Bradley expertly clipped out and swapped the heads before mailing them back to himself.  Why?  I dunno.  I think some folks just like to put one over on the government.  A while ago I gave an interview in which I claimed not to be a stamp collector.  I guess I am now.

Mixed up US postage stamps circa 1935 Collection Jim Linderman

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