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Quote and Credit


Elke Sommer Celebrity Artist

Celebrity painters seldom amount to much.Red Skelton, Ronnie Wood, Sly Stallone, Miles Davis...even Tony Bennett. All great, but snubbed by the insular real art world. They painted when they should have performed. But we make an exception for Elke Sommer.  Why?  Because the art world treats women artists like crap.Sexism abounds. Painting is STILL seen as a hard ham-fisted manly activity.Think Jackson Pollock grunting over a floor-sized abstract, or Julian Schnabel bossing the city of New York into allowing his rooftop to exceed New York City limits. It helps if you are a troubled genius who drinks too much too. Well, Elke is neither of those, as far as I know..AND her paintings are FOR SALE HERE  I think. Most seem sold, but I didn't click through too many. Give Elke Sommer some major love. Buy a Painting!

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