Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Homer Tate Self-Taught Artist who Created the Thing!

Artist Homer Tate made the thing. Even though "The Thing" was supposed to be a mystery and a secret, it is likely the most famous thing Homer Tate ever made.  Homer made sideshow gaffes he sold to carnival and sideshow businesses. Shrunken heads and such created to lure rubes inside. Sales of his animal hide "human mysteries" were good.  I am sure you have seen some on those "wacky true history" shows. He'd make a thing for 25 bucks.

The Thing is on Wikipedia! 

I am afraid Homer's lesser known paper mache tableau "old west" tourist attraction things don't get seen as often. They filled his place.  I don't know where they are.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress and photographer Russell Lee.  Yes, the same Russell Lee who created some serious photos.  Taken 1940.  Complete photo set HERE at the Library of Congress website.

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