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Ed Bortz

I am proud to present the 4th installment of the worst comic artists in the world series. The horrendous two-tone fetishistic images of one Ed Bortz! Even with his unusual last name, I was unable to find anything about him. A shame. Imagine the duo-tone nightmares he must have suffered as cross-hatched beards and brick-hard bosoms danced in his head, forcing him to jot down his most recent hilarious ideas at 3:00 am. Grisaille? NO, these miniature marvels demand a full palette of TWO colors! I turned these up in Michigan, likely sent home to the spouse by hunters and fishermen up north to drink. As Milwaukee publisher L. L. Cook (shame on you) is across the lake, maybe the cards snuck over on the ferry and multiplied like weeds in bait and ammo shops of Northern Michigan.

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Four red and black postcards by Bortz. 1954, 1955 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I own a copy of the hardcover book OVER SEXTEEN which features many cartoons drawn by an artist named Bruce Dolen. One of those cartoons is absolutely identical to an Ed Bortz-signed cartoon. Either the artist used a pseudonym when reselling the cartoon, or else one artist plagiarized the other.