Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Real African-American Performing Minstrel Troupe The Georgia Strollers original photograph collection Jim Linderman

Yes, there were REAL black "minstrel" shows, and here is snapshot proof.  These performers didn't need to blacken their faces.  How were they received?  I am sure they put on a regal show.  "Twelve Talented Negro Singers and Dancers"   

For a time, Texas piano player and vocalist Curtis Jones toured with the group.  Jones recorded some one hundred sides for the Bluebird, Okeh and Vocalion labels.  Curtis had a long career and was eventually associated with Jazz Gillum and Alex Moore.  His most popular number was "Lonesome Bedroom Blues" which hit...but I prefer his Highway 51 Blues and Reefer Hound Blues.
As for the other members of the act, we seem to be out of luck.  I am sure there are a few local reviews in regional papers... but I find none. Until others get in touch, I guess we file this certainly magnificent group under "information needed."
Original snapshot circa 1925 - 1935 Collection Jim Linderman

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