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Folk Art Figural Ice Sculpture in Minnesota 1937

An interesting folk art sculpture made from SNOW in St. Paul, Minnesota 1937.  The creation even shows a pair of folk art portraits on the wall!  Figural snow and ice sculpture have been staples of the St. Paul Winter Sports Carnival since 1885, when the city decided to create an ice palace while the prominent Montreal, Canada festival was on lock down for a smallpox outbreak!

An ephemeral folk art sculpture which has melted away.

Many other images of the festival are collected by the Minnesota History Center HERE but this one does not appear.

St. Paul Winter Sports Carnival 1937 Real Photograph Post Card collection Jim Linderman

Similar examples of unusual folk art and sculpture appears in the recent 250 page book IN SITU: AMERICAN FOLK ART IN PLACE by Jim Linderman.  Available in affordable ebook and paperback HERE.

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