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The REAL Baby Ruth

HERE is the real Baby Ruth, with her scepter likely made of spun sugar!  She is sitting smack dab in the middle of candyland.  Fortunately, this professional shot (Commercial Photo Co. St. Louis, MO) is crisp and clear, providing all the detail we need to investigate the Baby Ruth story!

First of all, the company (or COMPANIES, ownership has changed a few times) didn't name the bar after Babe Ruth, but they did benefit.  The Curtiss Candy Company claimed it was named after our fattest president's daughter Ruth Cleveland. However, they did it 17 years after little Ruth had died. Whaaa?

Furthermore, the company was located steps away from Wrigley Field.  I smell corporate malfeasance.  Sorry Babe...NO ENDORSEMENT DEAL and NO ROYALTIES!  (But keep on hitting it out of the park.)

Baby Ruth started out as "Kandy Kake" and Baby Ruth came about the year Bambino hit 59 home runs.  What did Grover Cleveland's daughter do that year?  Nothing, she was dead.

We see here not only the lovely queen of candy, but some graveyard brands.  By Jiminy.  Taffee Girafee.  Chum Gum.  Plus, some little goober with a comb over also apparently claiming the name.

Now I have to agree Baby Ruth has really good taste.  The famous scene in Caddyshack?  Not such good taste, but it is the type of gag which has kept the film on the top of the "best golf films" forever.  

Original 8 x 10 promotional photograph Commercial Photo Co. St. Louis, MO No date. Collection Jim Linderman

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