Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Sherlock Holmes solves the puzzle of the Plummeting Pound

That globalization is a bitch, eh?  Some tousle-headed Donald Trump wannabe who looks like Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits on a REALLY BAD DAY effs up the whole world's economy with his ill-planned racist myopic campaign to reach the similarly ill-informed voter.  They ruined my 401K and I didn't even get to vote!   Look at that tool.  Remind you of anyone?
Damn that Murdoch and his media domination.  Every time I hear some Republican complain about the "lame stream" media, I want to tell them that little evil prick Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Sky News in the UK and that filthy rag The Sun Newspaper over there too.  Trump just had lunch with him while the UK watches 40 years of stability and progress leave town.  Murdoch is the real mainstream media.  Together, the whole lot has the journalistic credibility of that closeted Matt Drudge, the fake Walter Winchell.  We have let journalism shrink to the stature of a supermarket pet cage bottom.

Brexiter is just another way to say Idiot…which also happens to be the very same group of constituents supporting Trump.  (Shudder)  I hope some of them learn their lesson from this debacle and try actually thinking before pulling the handle down.   You want a REAL return to recession?  Vote for Trump and watch the dollar sink like the sun goes down off the white cliffs of Dover.

Still, globalization is here to stay, as our real leaders are big corporations and big brands…not buffoons like Trump.  I just wish they had seen Brexit coming.  They underestimated the stupidity of the scared, white voter who won't ever fit into the world coming.  I wish the news reporters would call them that instead of xenophobic.  None of them even know what the word means! 

The Brits should be used to globalization by now.  Here, we see their greatest creation, Sherlock Holmes, was repurposed in TURKEY or somewhere.  It is a small world.  MY vote goes to Serlok Holmes.


  1. Don't you think the term "Brexit" was brilliant marketing? If it had been sold as "Leave the E.U." I don't think it would have succeeded.

  2. You'd have thought someone in that country would have had enough sense to at least organize the vote so that it would have required at least a 60% approval, not just a simple majority. Who knew how simple they'd really be. Never again shall a Brit wag their finger at the US without receiving a wag back.