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Prime Pulp for a DIME. Dime Novels from the Turn of the Century

Early pulp entertainment for the masses (and for those on streetcars, wagons and trains.)  It's the Dime Novel! Surprisingly thick and with plenty of multi-syllable words.  Back in 1910, it seems the junk populace was smarter than we are now.  I don't know much about these...and I am certainly not going to read any.  These novels are dense!  

I do know "The Old Sleuth" was a young guy who dressed up as an old bald guy to solve crimes, but I am not sure why.  The world's first geriatric superhero!  I guess at the scene of a crime, he would duck into the nearest saloon or haberdashery and paste on his wispy beard.  

Group of dime novels, now a dollar each!  Artists unidentified and frequently written by hacks.  Collection Jim Linderman, but maybe I'll recycle them.  This is prime pulp.

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