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Real Photo Post Cards of Wegner's Rocks in Sparta WI

A stone birthday cake topped with wedding photographs welcomes you to the creations of Mr. Wegner.  An American flag made from shards of colored glass.  A replica of the ocean liner which brought Paul and Matilda Wegner to America.  All circa 1925 - 1935 creations built in the yard to attract visitors.  Automobiles were becoming common, but what the hell was there to drive to?  Wegner's Garden.  The couple did not allow photographs, choosing rather to sell real photo postcards to visitors.  There are 24 different images known, here are four of them.  It is good to remember real photos were more commerce than art.  A photographer or "publisher" would print as many as he though would sell.

Real Photo Postcards of the Wegner Grotto..  circa 1930 - 1935 Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. As a postcard wheeler dealer, I enjoyed your blog on the real photo postcards. Great history for sure. Thanks for sharing.
    Rick Lancaster
    Clinton, Maine