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BENLEE Fite Back Bag for Children. Child Size Boxing Bag for Puny Pugalists

BENLEE was apparently a brand of boxing equipment from the 1920s which lasted enough rounds for Rocky Marciano to endorse them in the 1950s.  Today BENLEE is a trademark of Everlast.  I presume they absorbed BENLEE as companies here often do.  Rather than compete (like Rocky) they simply bought up the competition!  Ben Lee went from champ to chump! 
Fite Back is a child-sized heavy bag!   I can find no picture of this puny pugilist trainer online, so it must be scarce.  It is about 20 inches long, and with the attached primitive "arms" slightly longer.  When punched, the padded fists flail around like a real champ! Junior has to get in and out quick, or he might take one in the face.  Has anyone ever seen this toy before?  Circa 1940 or so is my guess.  Any information would be appreciated. Could it have been a limited quantity display item to keep a boy entertained while Dad shops for boxing gloves?   

BENLEE Fite-Back Bag.  Circa 1930 - 1940?  Collection Jim Linderman

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