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Quote and Credit


Scarecrow from 1939 World's Fair Penelope Shoo Protects New York Wheat Garden

Miss Penelope Shoo. "The Scarecrow of Tomorrow" stands over the only wheat field in New York City.  The wheat field lasted 68 years.  Miss Shoo (as is SHOO, birds…SHOO! ) stood over the field of wheat that Continental Baking and their product Wonder Bread planted for the 1939 World's Fair.  In front of the field was a building designed by Skidmore & Owings. 

Penelope Shoo was created by mannequin maker Jean Spadea, and at least one of her costumes was a fashion design by Hattie Carnegie.  When she was removed (or stolen?) in 1930, folks wondered where Shoo went.  She was STOLEN by pranksters from Columbia University to be used at the Columbia / Princeton football game.  The anonymous thieves returned her, sans arms, to Continental Bakery.  A color film from 1939 which documented Penelope is HERE.

Original snapshot 1939 "Penelope Shoo" collection Jim Linderman
Books by the author available HERE
The Birth of Rock and Roll by the author available HERE

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