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Quote and Credit


The first Polaroid Instant Photograph : Was it Sexist ?

Was the very first Polaroid photograph sexist?  Well, clubbing a mate is not generally thought of as proper dating etiquette these days, and certainly knocking your dinner date  companion out is taboo, and topical.

As you can see, this early sample Polaroid was distributed to shill the invention of Dr. Land, a goofy backdrop instant photo produced by his technique in a mere 60 seconds!  It is, of course, no better than the early Polaroid cameras.  Fuzzy, and a bit like looking into a polluted studio.  Still, the product revolutionized photography, including that done in the bedroom and rented hotel "no-tells".  Numerous examples are shown in the book SHY SHAMED SECRET SHADOWED HIDDEN of bold wives, lovers and dates now capable of making a secret erotic momento for their lover or john instantly.

Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden is now available as an instant PDF download for $8.99 HERE

Early Promotional Photograph / Salesman Sample for Polaroid Corporation circa 1948 Collection Jim Linderman

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