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Quote and Credit


Our Homestead Domestic Chores in a Folk Art Sculpture Dollhouse c. 1910 Real Photo Post Card

Folk Art carved figures go through the motions.  Looks like they are working far harder than the men...  Whether these carvings were articulated is unknown, but the chores they perform are typical subjects for automatons and whirligigs.  If anyone knows where this object is today, I would love to see it.

"Our Homestead" Domestic Chores in a Folk Art Dollhouse Cyko Real Photo Post Card circa 1910 unmailed. 

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  1. I don't know where this is currently, but I do know who carved it & I would pay well for it if someone has it.

    It was carved by Daniel Rose of Johnstown, PA in the late 19th C., as the first piece he ever made. There was a place to put a nickel in & turn a crank & it all worked & there is period info about this carving which I quote later.

    Daniel was a rheumatic cripple from age 18 in all but one arm & the other hand & carved the most amazing sculptures inside & outside of bottles, especially being known for his one piece of wood fan carvings. You can see a lot of info about him online, though one recent book claimed he was not disabled & used his disability to make money, this is completely false. He was a shut in who sold his work (& postcards) to pay his sister for the expenses of caring for him & when not carving, he wrote other shut-ins to encourage them.

    You can read about him & this carving on this page- https://www.sdjones.net/FolkArt/danielrose.html excerpted here- "The first of such carving was done while the men were in the harvest field. It is impossible to give the reader an adequate idea of the beauty and artistic quality of his work. One of the most interesting carvings and which called forth the greatest admiration was the carving of an entire village with its varied interests. Every activity of a small village is represented: women are hanging out clothes, men are pumping water from the wells, bicycles run along the streets, men are sawing wood, one woman, cleaning house, spied a mouse, she chases the mouse, it runs into a hole and comes out on the other side, here she strikes her broom at it. These are all in action. Daniel Rose blended the vital in life with the humorous. The activity of the described scene would take a nickle and the springs hidden inside would produce the motion and activity."

    The carving Our Homestead on the right is from a single piece of wood inside the frame & is shown on other postcards I own featuring his name. I buy anything by him & have owned more of his pieces than anyone & even bought his Bible & other mementos from the family. If anyone ever sees, it please respond here.