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Quote and Credit


Michigan Squiggle Street Photograph Republican Road Repair

One of my closest friends, the brilliant Kate Bloomquist, was riding around town with me when we both saw this "Squiggle Street" a few blocks from the beach.  I loved it, but guessed out loud before I had a chance to take a picture, they would pave it over.  To my surprise, Kate went BACK, took a picture and sent it to me from 750 miles away.  THAT is a friend.

Michigan, with a millionaire, former venture capitalist Republican Governor, "can't afford" to fix the roads, so they tar them up and hope your car suspension isn't remembered at election time.  He isn't the worst politician, but he sure isn't the best.  I would vote for Mark Schauer,  a Democrat in the upcoming election anyway, but now that I was gifted this photograph, It's a definite.  Maybe HE can fix the roads.

I hope his campaign uses this photo in an ad…and the incumbent, who can well afford to buy me a new set of tires, will hear from me too.

Original Digital Photograph 2013 by Kate Bloomquist

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