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The Forgotten and Deserving Coen Brothers film Catherine Zeta Jones Files for Divorce

Film predicts reality, as Catherine Zeta Jones has apparently decided to divorce Michael Douglas.  I have no idea why, and it is none of my business…but what poses as "news" today brought it to my attention.  Which is why I watched the most underrated Coen Brothers movie ever,  Intolerable Cruelty.    How well does she play the uber-litigious spurned spouse?  You'll see if you take my advice.

Personally, and I'll go right out and say it...she reminds me of the first woman Bruce Springsteen married.  Remember her name?  Nope.  An actress.  Again, I have no idea of the irreconcilable differences between Catherine and Liberace...but I hope they can work it out. 

Lost at the time, as it appeared to be yet another cruddy romantic comedy…guess what folks?  It's a COEN BROTHERS MOVIE and it is great.  A gift.  It's like being given a present you couldn't even imagine..   FULL of Coen brothers odd film angles, weird perspectives, outrageous characters… and every bit as funny as the Dude's dream.

By the way...Inside Llewyn Davis isn't the first film making use of a folksinger by the brothers.  Let's just say Paul Simon songs appears on the soundtrack. Often.  Repeatedly.  Hilariously. 

Watch it while you wait for Inside Llewyn Davis.

You'll thank me.


  1. I'm already thanking you. Strange, I never heard of it. Looking forward to seeing the film.

  2. Love this movie. Love all of their work. I keep wishing someone would put out a compilation DVD pack of all their films. One can hope. One can surely hope.

  3. A friend of mine mentioned this film one day as one of his favorites. I watched it. It's horribly boring. I love most Coen brothers movies, but this one blows.

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    1. sorry, typo. Feel free to suggest a better one, anonymous.

  5. Thanks, Jim. I only dimly remembered hearing about it, but it totally rang my bell. Best screwball comedy I've seen in donkey's years--the writing is Hecht-McArthur level.