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DIRT Collection

Collectors and Collecting.  Presenting my Dirt Collection.

I won't say this is the first time I have paid for dirt, as my garden needed soil to counteract the sand.  I felt stupid buying dirt, as there is so much of it around...

But this is the first time I can honestly say I have owned a collection of dirt.

Seems like every state was swept up here, then specialty items started appearing.  Dirt from Disneyland.  Dirt from the highest point in so and so, the furthest point in somewhere else. Well over one hundred examples, each one numbered and labled with a hand-typed "cursive" red font from a typewriter.  Each little plastic pill bottle scooped full and carried home.  

We used to have our choice of two fonts, but they could have gone with the dymo labelmaker too. 

Said to have been collected by a husband and wife team of traveling CLOWNS!  The estate sale had their costumes and such too.

DIRT collection Jim Linderman  No date (ancient...dirt is really old)  

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