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Quote and Credit


Folk Art Tramp Art Chewing Gum Wrapper Chain Collection Jim Linderman

Chewing Gun Chain.

The average price of a pack of gum is $1.58 according to the Wall Street Journal. Consequently, the gum market is flat. Not that you can use a gum wrapper to make a chain anymore. The manufacturers have eliminated your raw material!

The fellow below recommends using Starburst wrappers. Watch carefully and you will see he also recommends throwing away the gum. My chain here is ten feet long. Not bad, but record holder Gary Duschl, who seems like a nice guy, has one 74,216 feet long. For a professional competitor, Gary seems awful nice to share his technique.

This really doesn't fit the definition of Tramp Art, as not many fathers would like anyone calling their gum-chewing kid a tramp, but it is clearly related. A dying Folk Art? Yes.

Ten foot long Chewing Gum Wrapper circa 1960? Collection Jim Linderman 

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  1. Oh my, I remember making these in Junior High. You made it as tall as the boy you had a crush on, and then burned it or buried it so you would some day marry. Thanks for bringing back memories!