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A Tiny House Cabin for a Folk Art Collection and Studio

A Tiny House for Folk Art

Moving to Michigan and wanting a backyard barn for a modest folk art collection, studio and man-cave, I commissioned the fine folks at Mast Barns to create one for me.

The tiny house is 10" x 18" and features a tin roof, skylight and transom windows, a loft bed, double hung windows with screens and a  pre-hung locking door.  The house is wired for light, and as winter is approaching, a small space heater works fine.  I will add a small air-conditioner in the spring. 

A four inch base of stone insures level positioning.

The Inside is fully insulated and lined with 3/4" plywood. 

Rudimentary shelves were installed for display, and all floor objects move under the loft providing room for a queen-sized air mattress for guests (the loft is large enough for one)

What is left to do?  Wood putty finishing for seams and additional painting.  A folding desk which will drop down when not in use.  Molding and baseboard.  The roof joints will be left exposed.

This shack is far more substantial than a large percentage of the world has to live in, and many here use similar, if less decorative houses for hunting cabins.

For those of you who would like to live cheap and off the grid, the Tiny House Listings website provides an opportunity to browse similar little cabins already made.