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Hollywood Censorship Isn't New (Hands OFF the Web)


Hollywood is the primary force encouraging our increasingly record low approval body of lawmakers (many of whom wouldn't know how to even ask their congressional intern how to look something up for them) to limit what appears on the internet. My contribution to the protest is not a blank screen, It is this not at all subtle reminder that Hollywood has been censoring what we see for decades.

Here some proud hired anti-intellectual freedom goons show off the fine job they are doing at keeping us safe from what we want.

Who were the DPS? I don't know, Wiki is down today.

This picture is from 1929 (the year before Hollywood clamped down on what was shown on the screen officially) and likely represents one of the several organizations which emerged to stop miscegenation, various words, various body parts, sexuality of any kind and insisting on happy endings (no, not THAT kind...the kind where anyone breaking the law gets caught and punished at the end of the movie.) A year after this picture was taken, the Motion Picture Production Code was accepted and practiced by the entire movie industry...thus insuring what we choose to pay and see is light, harmless fare, safe for all and neutered of anything challenging or controversial.

Thanks guys...how about going after what I read next?

So this is the track record of the folks who today want a bill passed to limit content on the web and give authorities the right to control what appears on domains.

Take a minute to contact your probably rich, probably male and probably Caucasian representative and tell him to keep his hands off the internet. It is working fine, the rich are still getting richer, not to worry (by FAR) and the minute they start to regulate it they'll muck it up like everything else they touch.

They think they are unpopular now? Just wait until they get 60 million school kids mad at them.

Original Photograph "Motion Picture Censorship 1929" by P.E. Genereux, E. Lynn, MA Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Since the photographer was based in Lynn (my home town!), DPS probably stands for (Mass.) Department of Public Safety, which at the time was responsible for keeping the public safe from salacious things.

    My bet is this display was one of pride, not shame. "Look at just how much awful imagery we have protected you from!"

    See also: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/1922/11/7/question-today-is-of-regulation-not/