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Pin Up Pete Comic Book 1952 Pete Spins some Wartime Yarn

What were they thinking? The book Commies, Cowboys and Jungle Queens calls this pre-code debacle "a blatant vehicle for sexual fantasy." Hah! Published to no acclaim in 1952, this is issue number one (of one) of Pin Up Pete. The lives of a GI Casanova!

And sure enough, there stands Pete, fresh and clean, home from the war, with jungle girls and some hot tang from the Ice Capades on his arms. Inside, Pete is in much poorer shape, as he and his friends, rendered like Bill Mauldin's Joe (bearded and sloped) pour over pin-up conquests from Pete's past. I think they are supposed to be dead, and we are supposed to think wherever they are, they are still living their pin-up dreams in heaven.

The intended audience? Sheesh. Certainly not the 8 year old sons the vets who made it home produced. Could be their younger brothers who followed the war at home and were now about of "pin-up-pounding" age? Maybe an aging vet who only read comic books and wanted to relive the glory of his paper-doll friends instead of the horror of war?

Pete was a lucky man. Not only did he survive the war, he survived with every memory of his lusty comic-book cuties intact. He had them all in his dreams...and he's willing to kiss and tell. Nary a Rosie the Riveter escaped his dogging...and in his mind they were all tough, beautiful and somewhat dominant dames, just like every cartoonist with a pervy bent drew them before Kefauver forced them into drawing REAL smut to make a living!

Whatever, There was only one issue, and from an age when anything went in comic books...just like today!

Some pages have a pin drawn in! Maybe so few of these exist today because kids tore it up and stuck them on the wall just like real pinups?

The great BookSteve has a copy and so do I. I'll post some of the pages he didn't.

Pin Up Pete: Loves of a GI Casanova! Toby Press (A Minoan Magazine) 1952 Collection Victor Minx

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